What body shape are you?

Whatever your body shape is, we all desire the same thing - to look and feel good, flaunt your assets, wear styles that are made for you! Buy clothes that work for you and don't be disheartened when that perfect dress doesn't suit you... it just means you gotta keep shopping (and who doesn't love shopping)? 

So here is a general guide:
  • Apple - You hold your weight in the central areas.  
  • Pear - Your bottom half is where the party's at.  
  • Rectangle - Hips don't define feminity honey. 
  • Hour glass - Your bottom half doesn't have all the fun. Party all over!

If you're left wondering what style best suits your body type. Let us give you a hand. Message us or visit us instore to learn the styles that will flaunt your assets and make you feel the best version of you! 

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