How to look and feel beautiful 

Im thinking this should be a fashion blog that tells you how to look beautiful but although I sell beautiful clothing,  I believe that beauty is so much more than the clothing you wear.

The saying ‘beauty is skin deep’ is sooo true and even more these days we are seeing women pay large amounts of money to reinvent themselves while still feeling unworthy on the inside.

Lulubelles clothings Retail Therapists have great abilities to choose beautiful items for you but if youre feeling crap on the inside and don’t like yourself then it’s a go nowhere task.

To start with, the amount of times I hear in a day in the life, that women hate their arms, or they don’t like their knees or ….the list goes on….

You got the body you got! but you also got your unique spirit which is beautiful and sets you apart from others.

Maybe you got good boobs, or great legs but a flabby tummy or bingo wings…we gotta start embracing and even loving our imperfections and accentuating our assets until we are comfortable in our own skins.

I’m not advocating mutton dressed up as lamb or short minis if you don’t particularly like your legs but lets experiment with our comfort zones and slowly embrace them into a place of love.

At Lulubelles our clothing is designed with comfort in mind whilst still allowing feminity to shine through…lengths are suited to both short and tall women, petite and voluptuous as well as sleeved and sleeveless.

I’m often told “No, that’s just not me”…

with time I have come to understand this is just a mind limitation.  Whilst we all need to honour our taste, to not try a new you on is sad.  

Who knows it may help you to accept yourself as you are or step you towards the person you’d love to be.

With love

Beck and co.